Tulika Book Club

A Tail of Two Dogs

We have news for you! Remember we had some questions for Abhay and Nanditta of Can’t Stop Cody fame regarding their reasons for locating the story in San Francisco? Well, […]

Drop everything and read!

Despite missing three members, this was perhaps the noisiest session yet. Everyone had lots to say, first about the stories they were writing, and second, about Manjula Padmanabhan’s Shrinking Vanita. […]

We’re so lucky!

We’re so lucky! This time we met in the bright and cheerful bookstore itself. We sat in a circle surrounded by exciting books in many languages and for sure it […]

I love books!

I luv books. I loooooove books. I liiike books. I .. mm .. like books.I LOOOOOOVE BOOKS. These were some of the responses at our very first, the inaugural, meeting […]