The House That Sonabai Built

From oppressive loneliness, Sonabai Rajawar ‘makes’ her way into a world of beauty and joy! An introduction to the life and unique creative vision of a quietly strong, self-taught artist, through rich photos and a sensitive telling.

“This deeply moving book is about Sonabai’s life as much as it is about dreaming big. It invites urban Indian children to look at rural life with curiosity and to respect its depth. Read with attention to detail, it is about the magic latent in everyday life. It calls out equally to children who are hooked to screen devices as much as to those who are led to craft bazaars and art galleries. Its potential audience includes schoolchildren, parents, art teachers and librarians. Sonabai’s journey is evoked simply yet vividly by both Vishakha’s text and Huyler’s brilliant photographs. Huyler’s images are like rich, dazzling lodes of Indian folk life.” –

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