The Boy And Dragon Stories And Other Tales

A dragon has to be punished by a boy. But neither knows how to go about it, and they become friends instead. Together they chase whirlwinds, combat giants in cyberspace, listen to the stories of pebbles by the sea… Sweeping through spans of fantasy, reality and time, the author of the popular Aditi Adventures gives us a set of stories that once again takes children on a ride through magic realism. And with confused dragons, cricket playing giants, mirror books and little girls who don’t see why they should cry, they once again say as much between the lines as through the light, lively text. Dramatic yet contemplative illustrations evoke the intriguing mix of strength-gentleness that pervades the stories.

This slim, almost gentle looking book is packed with little and big thoughts that set you – thinking ! A Boy and A Dragon and you may immediately think cliched couple, what’s new and what now.. but this is Suniti Namjoshi and she urges you to think things like what is the worth of crying and how similar are we to pebbles ? Bah ! What is all this fantasy you may ask but I think the power lies in fantabulous fantasy of this kind. Every 2 -3 page story made dreamy and whimsical by Krishna Bala Shenoi has a teachable thought. I loved this little book, I am imagining myself reading one story at a time to a whole bunch of YESNO boys and girls, discussing BADHATS and talking trees and allowing a book like this to be a MIRRORBOOK. – Bookworm Trust

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