My Brother Tootoo

Twelve-year-old Rini and her little brother Tootoo are intrigued by the new boy, and innocent games soon turn into dangerous ones as the trio begin to venture into territories once forbidden. Occasional glimpses into Rini’s diary look back at the haunting memories of events that escalate to a point of no return. This gripping, multi-layered story poignantly evokes the secrets that we hold, and ultimately, share.

A bold step by Mahajan to talk about a subject that is usually taboo in the world of children’s fiction. it is a much needed book and should reach the hands of as many kids as possible – before they too get trapped on to this path of no return. Parents and teachers of pre-teens and teenagers should definitely encourage their kids to read this book and preferably have a frank and open discussion with them on the story. – Young India Books