India’s Olympic Story

Published to coincide with the London Olympic Games, 2012, it is the first comprehensive book for young readers that draw attention to the place and achievements of Indian athletes in what is the most spectacular sporting event in the world. The first half of the book provides a brief history of the Games and the movement from ancient times down to the modern era. An important feature is the inclusion of the Paralympic Games as well as traditional Indian Games. This section is bolstered with interesting anecdotes and items of information, it also features some unforgettably funny cartoons, well-organised timelines, and relevant news reports. In the second section, the Olympic and Paralympic values of excellence, friendship, respect, courage, determination, equality and inspiration are illustrated through stories from the lives of individual sports personalities.

“The humorous cartoons and the mind boggling facts presented in boxes, give a perfect balance in terms of the information presented to the reader. Slowly from the global angle, the book moves into the involvement of various Indians at the Olympics. The book also has extensive details on Paralympics and the Indians who have represented in these games. Needless to say, every achievement speaks of the human will to conquer the impossible.” – Saffron Tree

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