Blue And Other Stories

Suniti Namjoshi, internationally acclaimed fabulist and poet, brings both depth and lightness of touch to Blue and Other Stories. Playful and gentle, these timeless stories effortlessly traverse layers of myth to speak to readers of all ages. Nilima Sheikh’s paintings hang in galleries all over the world. Her art embraces myriad influences, from Indian visual traditions to written and oral texts. Here, the sensuous colours and delicate textures match and enhance Suniti’s nuanced writing. Blue and Other Stories is the coming together of two fine minds to create a contemporary classic.

Every story in this book is a benediction; there is a blessing planted deep within the words, and the tales evoke a precious kind of joy every time you read them… this book is a precious addition to a child’s imagination, or, more importantly, it examines the autonomous life of such an imagination. – GoodBooks

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