Stone Eggs: A Story About Indian Dinosaurs

Stone Eggs is a one of a kind book about Indian dinosaurs! Combining fact and fiction, it shows that dinosaurs didn’t roam only in other, faraway places. They were very much part of the Indian landscape – millions of years ago. Join Sankar and Sandhya on their adventure as they find out about Indosuchus matleyi, Indosuchus raptorius, Rajasaurus narmadiensis and much much more. There is also a map of dino finds in India and a timeline of Indian dinos.

“The book not only lists the species found in India, including some indigenous ones such as, the Rajasaurus Narmadensis, but also has a map showing the various locations of the digs. Clear lucid illustrations of perky dinos strutting the ramp with their name tags, juggling, fighting, pooping add to the charm of this book. Bonus features are a map indicating the dino finds in India and a timeline of Indian dinos. Entertaining as well as educative, this book will also be a great asset to a school library.” – Young India Books

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