A Trail Of Paint

In A Trail of Paint, Biswajit is dragged unwillingly on a culture trip, to an exhibition of Jamini Roy’s paintings. Once there, however, an encounter with an old man leads him to an intriguing discovery of fakes and forgers, down Kolkata’s bylanes, with more excitement than he could have hoped for! This story with art, adventure and a twist in the tail, looks at the evolution of Jamini Roy’s unique style and raises issues about integrity in art – the importance of creating, not copying.

“Children will thoroughly enjoy unravelling the mystery and will be thrilled as they grasp the many clues along the trail. This book is a visual delight and fun to read along with kids. A treat for lovers of contemporary Indian art. The bibliography at the end of the book gives a glimpse into the times and work of Jamini Roy and is sure to encourage the reader to want to learn more about this great artist. A must in the school library and for your personal collection too!” – Young India Books

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