Little Indians: Stories From Across The Country

Are there really diamonds hidden in Bhedaghat? Does little Sibsa’s magic carpet fly her out of Tawang? What happens when crocodiles chase Kanmani and gang during a boat ride in the Andamans? And what on earth is Raja the donkey doing in Ramoji Film City? Did you know the world’s highest international cricket stadium is in Himachal? That only Goa has motorcycle taxis? Or that dinosaurs roamed Gujarat 65 million years ago? Stories and fascinating facts take you on a double-decker ride across 15 states of India. They emerge distinct and different, like pieces of a jigsaw, which slide in together to create a magnificent whole. India!

“‘Little Indians’ explores the many little Indias within this country, in a way that is sure to appeal to little Indians. Simple stories with an old-world charm, that give the flavor of a place. I found it refreshing to read stories in which the child protagonists are not the urban characters we usually encounter. In each of the stories, a bunch of kids with no resources to speak of bar their wits, solve a problem. The setting comes alive, whether it is Kille Raigad in Maharashtra, or the home of a weaver in a village in Tawang valley, Arunachal Pradesh. I liked how the stories weave in details that reveal a bit about the place and its people; like the one about bakeries and baguettes in Puducherry.” – Saffron Tree

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