Sorry, Best Friend!

Concerned by the divisive forces of communalism, and its influence on children, the Centre for Science, Culture and Education conducted a workshop to examine ways of dealing with the situation. This collection of short stories focusing on communal harmony is an offshoot of this workshop. It is the first in a series on affirmative themes. Contributors: Zai Whitaker, Poile Sengupta, Shama Futehally, Githa Hariharan, Savithri Narayanan, Swapna Dutta, Hemangini Ranade and Sawan Dutta.

“This is a book to be welcomed for its relevance to the world of today, directness, simplicity and, most of all, its effort to hold us to what nature intended us to be – thinking, caring human beings whose ego is best kept within bounds. These stories are mirrors in which our children view us, often in shock and disbelief, but in which we do not stop to look any more. It is high time we did and recognised that regardless of name, species and gods, ‘each one of us has a place in this strange, funny world of ours.’ … Children will readily relate to the contents. Adults please take a look too.” – The Pioneer, 1997

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