Girls To The Rescue

Move over, petrified princesses in towers. Stand back, sword bucklers. These audacious girls are their own saviours. What do you think happens when Snow White, Cinderella and gang meet an author who wonders: “Now what would any red-blooded girl with brains do in such a situation?… A girl who did not plan to make a living out of being obedient, sweet and good?” Six leading ladies decide not to stick to the script, and take us instead through some riveting retellings that sizzle with humour as they toss around notions of beauty, perfection and strength. Armed with real-world skills, they rewrite their happily-ever-afters. Rescue themselves. And save the fairytale!

These girls are not the wilting, submissive, good girls of yore, but strong, real, and intelligent human beings who want to do their own thing, know what they want, and go ahead and do it. Busting of stereotypes is not limited to these princesses alone in these fairy tales placed firmly in contemporary times… The stories, as they are narrated, have a timeless feel to them, equally enjoyable to young readers, and to older ones – teenagers, young adults, and adults. Simple enough that a 6 year old might enjoy the narration, yet profound enough that older readers might find layers that mean different things to them. – Saffron Tree

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