India Through Archaeology: Excavating History

Superhero action carved on rocks… A headless statue… Royal inscriptions on pillars and copper plates… Glass fragments from a lost city… These may sound like clips from a fantasy thriller, but are in fact objects unearthed at archaeological sites across the country — and the stories they throw up are just as exciting!
This visually vibrant book has an interdisciplinary approach that goes beyond conventional subject boundaries. Showing the interconnectedness of ideas, events and issues, and cross-cultural influences — all based on archaeological findings — it encourages a more critical and holistic understanding of India’s multihued history.

“It’s not often that a children’s book gets taken seriously, but this one deserves all the attention it has been getting. Excavating History is a history of India, but a scientific and comprehensive volume, using archaeological finds to do a quick rundown of what’s been going on in the subcontinent from the Stone Age downwards. I don’t mind admitting that I learned a lot of things, and added several new sites to my future travel list. With fun illustrations to appeal to kids and dense enough for the amateur historian adult, I’m recommending it to everyone with even a slight interest in what happened before the stories began.” – Business Line’s BLink

The story behind the award-winning book!

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