Beyond The Blue River

In this novel that is part adventure, part mystery and completely captivating, B. Vinayan takes the genre of fantasy to a new realm of resonance. Through lucid prose and magical moments, he transforms the story of a perfectly mundane mechanical creature into a metaphor for human existence. Every time GRACE – City Auto For Hire No. SD 013422 hears the Blue River tune, she gets a funny feeling. Sometimes she feels the tune even before it is hummed. What is the Blue River? Why does it affect her so deeply? What lies beyond it? One day Grace revs up her engine and sets out to find out. Along the way she encounters several new worlds, creatures, ways of life and even systems of language and communication. It is a journey replete with experiences that range from the fun to the funny to the philosophical, and answers that lead to more questions.

B.Vinayan’s imaginative story brings a fresh approach by its warmth and humour and its effortless weaving of philosophy and childlike wonderment… The original and engaging ideas of the ‘language of the spheres’ which allows everyone to understand everyone, the possibilities of transformation of selves, and travel between worlds, sets Vinayan apart from other writers. – Mariam Karim Ahlawat

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