Aditi Adventures – The Vesuvian Giant

An official visit to Prague takes a strange turn. The naughty granddaughter of Princess Libusha casts a spell on Monkeyji, and the only one who can help is Shemeek – the snow white horse who sleeps behind a rock at Wysherad, dreaming of the world. But to reach Shemeek, Aditi and her friends must first deal with rude Sir Sparrow, and get past Old Fiery Blue, the good-hearted dragon intent on a good fight. A popular legend is woven into this unusual adventure in the Czech Republic. There is action and drama, but by the end of it there are also questions: Who finally wins? And can a problem be a solution? With her usual light touch, the author subtly infuses the ordinary and everyday with new depth in the eighth book in the series.

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