The Forbidden Temple

How was everyday life for children long ago? Did they have pets? Did foreign students feel homesick? What was it like to go shopping in a big city? What sort of games did they play? In this book, imagination takes off from carefully researched fact to create ten fascinating stories of children from times past, spanning India’s history from around 3500 bce onward. Alongside are bits of interesting information — easy to absorb, just enough for added atmosphere. Finely etched pictures come together in collages to illustrate each story. A perky ant leads the trail through a very visual activity section that makes tracking history so much fun!

“Padma T Venkatraman makes history fascinating in this wonderful compilation of tales set in historical settings. Her stories mesmerize and gives a brief glimpse of a historical period. A glimpse brief enough to entice one to find out more about that particular era. She also provides some interesting tidbits along with the story which provides enough information for an eager one to explore further or a teacher to use it as a study reference.” – Saffron Tree

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