About Tulika Teens and Tweens!

There’s no such a thing as a middle ground when it comes to reading. Which is why we’ve got a feast of books for you. So what are you waiting for?

Dig into one of our sizzling adventures.
Or go for a spectacular fantasy with stellar sides of science.
Devour a plate of history with happy bits of humour.
Or tuck into an all-time favourite classic.
Pick a mystery for dessert.
Or forget everything we’ve said AND JUST BINGE READ.

Early Readers: 7+
Shrinking supergirls and speeding pups. Giant green yakshas. Globe-trotting adventurers.
The perfect bridge between picture books and chapter books, our illustrated early readers are packed with oodles of fun with something for everyone.

Middle Readers: 10+ 
So what does a freewheeler three-wheeler have in common with an unstoppable diary writer and a hyperactive pitbull? Absolutely nothing other than that they are all equally absolutely unforgettable. Get set for hours of page-turning joy with our award-winning middle readers.

Young Adults: 14+
Take off with our edge-of-the-seat thriller or dive into a fantabulous adventure in verse. Come back for more, we’ve lots more in store…