Picture Gandhi

Who was this man who so mesmerised the world, born almost a century ago but whose words and wisdom are still so current, so compelling? Films, plays, books, media images […]

My Gandhi Scrapbook

My Gandhi Scrapbook is just that – a scrapbook. It has pictures cut and pasted. comments thrown in, something copied from somewhere, random thoughts, quibbles and scribbles…Like a very visual, […]

Barefoot Husain

In Barefoot Husain, the artist has lost his shoes. Jai offers to help him find them and the two take off on a crazy journey, zooming in and out of […]

The Veena Player

A damaged painting is like a body without a soul, Aunty Prima tells Valsa, when they set about restoring an old painting by Ravi Varma. As they remove the layers […]

A Trail Of Paint

In A Trail of Paint, Biswajit is dragged unwillingly on a culture trip, to an exhibition of Jamini Roy’s paintings. Once there, however, an encounter with an old man leads […]