Kabir The Weaver-Poet

Mystic weaver, radical reformer, loved and hated equally in his time . . . the simple wisdom of his pithy couplets, the famous dohas, makes him one of the most […]

One World

The second in a series of theme-based books, this book focuses on peace. How do children cope with the pressures of divisive and contradictory forces at play in the world […]

Andamans Boy

Tired of life in Mumbai with his Chacha and Chachi, Arif runs away – far, far away. He hops onto a train going to Chennai. From there he smuggles himself […]

My Brother Tootoo

Twelve-year-old Rini and her little brother Tootoo are intrigued by the new boy, and innocent games soon turn into dangerous ones as the trio begin to venture into territories once […]

That Summer at Kalagarh

Gitanjali is furious with her cousins — Ajay, Ajit and Aveek —who call her ‘Hathni’, she-elephant, to tease her. But the nickname sticks, and curiously enough seems to set the […]

Just A Train Ride Away

Santosh travels alone from Mumbai, where he lives with his mother, to Kolkata, on holiday. But he has secret plans to look for his father whom he barely remembers. The […]

Advaita The Writer

When Advaita leaves Delhi for boarding school in Dehradun, she is lonely and unhappy. Even if Dunham Girls’ School is supposed to be the best in Asia. Even if, as […]

No Fear, Jiyaa

The five most venomous snake species can all be found in Australia’s Outback — and that’s where Jiyaa is headed on her first school camp since moving to Perth from […]

The Boy With 2 Grandfathers

Not everyone has two grandfathers quite like Amol’s! From the way they look to the way they speak, the food they eat and the way they think, they couldn’t be […]

Shrinking Vanita

Three days to go before a killer asteroid will end life on Earth! Everyone is in a panic. Everyone, that is, but Vanita, who has things to do. Such as […]